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Sick Puppies
Go hard with the Australian rockers as they dive into their new album “Connect” and perform live from El Rey Theater in Los Angeles.

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Connect (CD)

About the Show
"We wanted to use the record and the music as an opportunity to connect to the fans, to connect to the music, to connect in all these different ways and [‘Connect’] just sort of seemed like the right title." On naming the album: "The genesis of the album name came from the song, “Connect,” the title track… It was one of the songs where we realized we were maybe moving in a direction that was elevated… Once we found that song it sort of inspired quite a few other songs and some risks that we took and then it just seemed to be a general theme for the record." On writing songs: "When we start writing the songs usually like everyone’s got like a chord progression or like bass lines that Emma writes… so you have like a core idea. And then you really sit down and you talk about, “What do we want to say? What’s something that we think and feel and what can we turn into a song?” because if you don’t give it some meaning, forget it." On deciding to move to LA: "It wasn’t too hard of a decision to make at the time because we didn’t have a drummer at the time, it was just us two, and the record label had faltered back [in Australia], we had lost a drummer, so we were like, “What are we going to do? Are we going to keep going in Australia or are we going to make the move?” And we’re like well, if we’re going to really do this we have to really do this." On being successful: "Australia has a cultural thing where you have to go and succeed before you can come home and can say, “Hey, look what I did.” If you do it at home they just go well, big deal. Every band – Jet, The Vines, Silverchair, INXS, Midnight Oil – all those bands, to an extent, they had to go and become big in the States or in Europe or the UK and then they come back and Australia goes, “Cool, so now we’re going to pay attention.” I did that to all those bands too, so I have no problems with everyone doing that to us. We’ll earn it just like everyone else."
The Set List
Die to Save You The opening track of the new album will make you nod your head with heavy rock riffs and haunting vocals with lyrics like “I'm not here to save you/ I'm not here to change your mind/ I'm not here to hold you down/ Or leave you half-alive” There’s No Going Back “The song is just like saying ‘see ya later’ to all those things that you hold on to. It can really flow into anything, it’s pretty universal,” says bassist Emma of the uplifting rock anthem. Maybe The band’s most successful single to date, the power ballad discusses hesitation to change with lyrics like “Maybe it's time to change/ And leave it all behind/ I've never been one to walk alone/ I've always been scared to try” Connect The band plays an acoustic version of the record’s title track, reflecting the album’s theme with lyrics like, “I wanna connect with you/ Over the oceans and back to the truth/ I wanna connect with you” You’re Going Down Released in 2009, this aggressive single hits hard with lyrics like “It's been a long time coming/ And the tables' turned around/ 'Cause one of us is goin'/ One of us is goin' down”

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